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Professional Marketing for Small Business



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The Marketing Challenge

We understand how hard it is to keep your customers happy, balance the books, and motivate your staff. The day is never long enough. There is always more to do.

The marketing part hasn’t gotten any easier either. A business card and yellow pages ad just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

To compete in today’s market, you need to keep up with social media, up your website game, fire off email newsletters, figure out pay per click advertising, and master the art of SEO. And that list keeps growing.

Viking Mountain Marketing helps small businesses with all this and more. Our back-to-basics approach is cost-effective and works well for small business.

Let us help you look great online, find new customers, and see strong returns on your marketing investment.

No-Risk Subscription Pricing

Viking Mountain Marketing offers a unique no-risk subscription pricing model that makes it easy to bring us on board as your marketing partner.

We understand that you want professional quality work, from people that are easy to work with. Get started right away with a consistent monthly payment based on your marketing needs. 

Plans start at just $149 a month for a basic website. The average plan is around $249 and includes additional online marketing.

This pricing model keeps us keeps us focused on making your business successful and keeping you happy. Our customers tend to stick with us for the long term so this works great for everyone.

There is no commitment and you can cancel at anytime.

If you’d prefer traditional hourly billing with a larger up-front spend we can roll with that too.

We like to do a get-to-know-you meeting to learn about your business and work out together where the marketing opportunities lie. After this free consultation we can propose a customized plan.

 Give us a try, we’re easy.

“Erik helped us launch our Highland Cattle breeding business with branding work and online marketing. He helped us build an online presence that reflected our personality and quickly established us as leaders in our market. The website and our email newsletters have helped us sell our high quality calves quickly for great prices. Erik gives us expert feedback and keeps our site looking and sounding professional.”

-Nancy Geller, Elm Hollow Farm

“Erik is professional and very easy to work with. My wife and I are glad that he is doing the advertising for our businesses! It is easy to see that he is very knowledgable with marketing strategies. “

– Mike and Pam Fowler, Hummingbird Pickup & Alliance Home Improvements

Website Design and Online Marketing


A professional quality website should be the first marketing priority of any small business. 

The first contact that most of your customers have will be with your website. It will also serve as the hub for all of your online and offline marketing.

We build custom websites that reflect your values and expertise. Our back-to-basics focus gets results and keeps costs reasonable.


Email Newsletters

Surveys of marketing professionals show again and again that nothing beats email marketing for ROI.

Your actually own your email list, nobody can take it away, and it is basically free to reach out.

We can help add this cost-effective tool to your arsenal. It is one of the best long term investments you can make in your business. 

Social Media

The social media landscape evolves rapidly. New platforms appear, and the rules and opportunities constantly change.

There are few quicker ways to grow your audience. But you can also spread yourself too thin and feel like you’re wasting  time.

We work with clients to determine the highest impact opportunities. Then we build a strategy to work together and get results.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a complicated area and critical to your success online. It is also the part most DIY site owners really struggle with.

There are hundreds of factors that affect how high up your website appears in the search results at Google, Bing and others.

We’ll build or rebuild your site from the ground up to position you for success. In fact, we’ll look at how your entire online presence is impacting SEO.


Online Advertising

Online advertising offers big advantages over traditional newspaper and broadcast advertising.

This is especially true for small businesses operating on tighter budgets where tracking results against costs is very important.

We can help you set a budget, test approaches and measure results, and make smart data-driven decisions to get the biggest bang for the buck. 

Hosting & Maintenance

Modern websites involve a complex technology stack that needs to be monitored and maintained.

We take care of all the technical stuff – everything from tuning the server environment to purchasing and updating software components.

We’ve also got you covered for backups, security, uptime monitoring, speed optimizations, and more.


Traditional Marketing

Print Design

A professional quality website should be the first marketing priority of any small business.

The first contact that most of your customers have will be with your website. It will also serve as the hub for all of your online and offline marketing.

We build custom websites, with a back-to-basics focus that gets results and keeps costs reasonable.


Marketing Planning

Your marketing plan needs to walk a fine line between being spread to thin and having all your eggs in one basket.

We’ll look at billboard, SEO, email newsletters, yellow pages, Facebook & Google ads, local TV, and more. They all have their own place.

Let’s work on the mix that is right for your business.



Every small and independent business is unique. Your goals, vision, customers, personality, and mission matter.

Let’s make sure all of the above and your logo, company name, differentiators, and tagline are all locked down before proceeding.

Once your image & marketing messages are set everything else flows easily.


Your New Marketing Team

We’re a husband and wife team, each with degree in marketing from Georgetown University School of Business.

We have over 60 years of combined real-world experience in marketing, project management, customer service, and technology.

It takes a uniquely broad skill set to deliver in our field — including a technical background, real world business experience, artistic vision, and analytical ability.

Our collective background includes writing code starting at age 10, making partner at one of the largest advertising agencies in the world, winning state-wide programming competitions in high school, building and managing marketing teams in private industry, managing 7 figure marketing budgets, crafting online presence for big brands like the US Marine Corp and The American Cancer Society, and driving rapid revenue growth at a series of software companies. In the late 90s we were early adopters and did pioneering work in database-driven direct marketing, online content marketing, and email marketing.

We quit our corporate jobs in 2002 to start our own ceramics business in Atlanta. After 11 years of marketing and growing the business to nationwide prominence, we sold it to friends. We then moved to East Tennessee for a change of pace.

We’re on a mission to use our professional skills to help small and family-owned businesses to thrive in the modern economy. We also make handmade pottery featuring our original illustrations. 

Rock Solid Marketing Work

We understand your world and how to get marketing results for small business.

Our focus is on offering a proven back-to-basics marketing roadmap for small business. We’ll learn about your business, then customize and execute a plan of action to help meet your objectives.

Our goal is to deliver rock-solid marketing solutions that produce results.

We’re not looking to win fancy awards for outrageous designs. Our creative decisions are based on decades of experience. We also invest a lot of time in staying current on industry research into what works and what doesn’t.

We’ve built a digital tool kit and back-to-basics marketing roadmap for small business that delivers.